"DesixKaty" Dose of Color Collection Review, Swatches, Look

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hi friends!!! Welcome to my new blog. πŸ‘‹πŸ»

I am so excited to get back into blogging again with this new site for y'all. Oh boy! I gotta say, creating and designing a website isn't easy like how I imagined it would be. πŸ™„ Thanks to my dear friend Jenna for making this possible. πŸ’‹

Let's start off the blog with this smokey eye makeup look that I created using the DesixKaty collection by Dose of Colors. I'll also be giving you guys swatches and my honest review on the collection.

First of all, look at the packaging guys! I'm honestly all about packaging so I when I saw this, I couldn't resist the rose gold and sparkles. The delivery box is also in nude. So pretty, right?
If you didn't get your hands on these products this month. No worries! Dose of Colors is bringing them back in September πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ»
For those who live in Southern California, you can actually purchase this collection at Naimes Beauty Center located in the Valley. There they offer a variety of different cosmetic, skin, and hair product brands. Also if you are registered as a professional makeup artist, you can get 20%-40% off depending on the brand.

Alrighty, let's get to this collection. Here is the list and the swatches of the products that I purchased:
"The Girl" eyeshadow palette
"Fuego" highlighter
"No Shade" lipstick
"Over the Top" lipgloss.
For the eyeshadow swatches I didn't use any primer underneath but the shades are very pigmented like how I expected. The brand also included a little note about which eyeshadow shades should be used wet.

It is mentioned that these eyeshadows are meant to be used with your fingers. Honestly, I kind of find that annoying though because I hate using my fingertips for makeup application. πŸ˜–  Other than that, I really like the quality. They are extremely easy to work with, both with finger tips and brushes.

  I dampened my finger tips with water to swatch Suz & Turbosan
"No Shade": Medium peach with warm soft orange undertone; gives a semi satin to matte finish.
"Over The Top": Clear gloss with flecks of small gold sparkles.

Now onto the makeup look- I wanted to create a cut crease smokey look.
Products used:
 Face: TATCHA Dewy Skin Face Mist
          TOO FACED HangoveR RX Replenishing Face Primer
          L'OREAL Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation
Powder: LA MER The Powder
-Crease: MAC Soft Brown & MAC Texture
-Lid:  DOSE OF COLOR DesixKaty Harpoon
           I did dampen my finger with a little bit of water to use the shadow, but I ended up still having to use the brush with the MAC Fix + in able to get that clean cut line on the crease. Harpoon is a mixture of muted gray with a green base and gold reflects.
-Inner Corner: KAT VON D Alchemist Holographic Palette Ultra Violet
-Outer crease: MAC Extra Dimension Dark Dare
Lashes: HOUSE OF LASHES Iconic
-Highlighter: FUEGO
            This has got to be my favorite highlighter so far. It's not chunky at all which doesn't emphasize your pores, and girl, it is beaming 😯
-Blush: MAC Warm Soul (my all time fav blush)
-Bronzer/Contour: MAC Give Me Sun
Lips: MAC Spice liner
         MAC Whirl lipstick

I hope you guys enjoy my little review. πŸ˜‰ Coming soon!! I'll create a different look using the other shadows incorporating the lipstick and lip gloss next time.

Please let me know if you guys like thisπŸ™ˆ
And please leave a comment if you have any questions or if there's a certain shadow in the palette you want me to use next. Thank you friends πŸ’‹


  1. Oh my goodness!! First of all your website is completely and unbelievably beautiful! So glad I discovered your blog today! I absolutely agree with you about packaging and this is all put together so eloquently. The nude box is sophisticated and fabulous. I will definitely be trying out these shades because I need an updated look! Thank you so much for taking so much time to show the colors and put this all together!

    1. Thank you Jenni, you are too sweet, and I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. 😘

  2. Obsessed with these colors! Definitely going to have to try & score some when they come out again!

  3. WOW your makeup is seriously goals. I am so bad at doing makeup, so I will have to continue to check out your blog for tips!

    1. Thanks Meghan, I will continue posting more makeup looks and tips. πŸ™‚

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous! Your makeup is so pretty. Girl, you are a PRO! The eyeshadow palette is fabulous. My favorites are Fuego and Harpoon, such a unique hues to enhance woman's natural beauty. Love metallics, they have become super trendy during the season!
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your long weekend.


  5. Hello dear, first off congrats on the new site! Your blog looks fantastic! Your make up looks amazing and these are such great tips. You look fab as well! What a great first post! Can't wait for more!
    xoxo, Dom


  6. Hello dear, first off congrats on the new site! Your blog looks fantastic! Your make up looks amazing and these are such great tips. You look fab as well! What a great first post! Can't wait for more!
    xoxo, Dom

  7. I am so glad you decided to get a blog! Your makeup is too gorgeous not to. One thing I have always loved about Dose of Colors is their packaging. It's too cute not to want everything!


  8. You're quite right! The packaging is amazing, as are the different hues you are showing us. It's also a lot easier to see the different hues when you can see them directly applied to your skin, so thank you for that! :)
    Thomas xx

  9. Oh my now i will have to out myself as a huge fan of desi and katy... i adore their videos... tutorials and vacays together. They have the chemistry best friends should always have. That is why i know that their collab with Dose is an amazing success. Turbosan is my fave color of the Quat.

  10. I love the hint of lavender in the highlight on the corners of your eyes, so gorgeous! xo, Suzanne

  11. I'm in love with this palette, from the packaging to the final result realised with your expert hands! By the way, the shades you used wet, were they supposed to be used wet or you did so to get more coverage? Thank you for the review Victoria and congrats on your beautiful website! Love, Valeria

  12. Yay! Welcome back to blogging babe!
    Loved this post! Your makeup looks flawless!!! I need to recreate this look because it's seriously so hot and chic at the same time!
    This palette is beautiful!

  13. Ooh my favourite shade is the No Shade. Such a pretty pink. I'll definitely have to check out this palette girl <3

  14. Oh my goodness I've seen so many reviews about this collection as I am borderline obsessed with makeup and makeup reviews! I also hate that the eyeshadows are meant to be applied with your finger as we have eyeshadow brush sets for a reason. I am in awe so the shimmer though!

  15. Incredible palette and colors! this shines so much, I am obsessed with it all!

  16. This look is so beautiful and your new blog looks amazing! <3


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